Thursday, June 16, 2011


Healthy foods and a good lifestyle are on my mind a lot.. but dont kid yourself- I am guilty of chowing down on some peanut butter M&M's, powered donuts, and spicy Cheetos at times (I think we ALL are).  I spent 4 years learning about nutrition and how it affects your body.  Being in nursing school has been an awesome way to see first hand how eating habits can change your life- for better or for worse.  I recently watched a documentary called "Forks Over Knives" (forksoverknives) and it really got my mind thinking about what I am eating.  I think everyone should see this documentary or at least read about it. 

A great amount of my patients in the hospital have heart disease or diabetes.  Thinking that these things can be reversed or prevented by food is crazy... well, crazy to think the solution can be that simple yet there are still millions of Americans impacted by these diseases.  I have always been very interested in diabetes and hope to some day work in a diabetes clinic and help people with lifestyle changes.  Keeping up with 3 different types of insulin and counting carbohydrates can be draining and really take over someones life, but we'll leave that conversation for another day.  Knowing that we have the power to reverse a disease is amazing, and it should be taken advantage of.  

If you get a chance, check out the website above... and try to buy groceries that are against a wall!  If you think about it- foods in the center of the store are usually processed and full of trans-fats, sugars, and sodium.  Live a long and healthy life- you deserve it!