Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blogging 101

For the past few months I have told myself multiple times I wanted to start a blog- and basically write about my journey through nursing school.  A few times I have thought that this could be counterproductive; but it is always good to allow yourself time for things that you really enjoy.  I get asked almost daily "How is school going?"  "What have you been learning?" or "Do you love it yet!?".  I have decided that keeping a blog of my experience will not only help me describe my experience to others but also help me see how much/ how fast I am learning.  I'm sure the next 2 years will be over before I know it... and it will be awesome to look back and see all the hard work I put in.  I never thought to do this until I actually started school and saw how quickly we learn concepts-- and how quickly we are expected to perform.  

So Far, the past few months have been a real eye opener.  I have so much (more) respect for everyone who works in the health care industry.  In the few clinical experiences I have had thus far I have seen a lot (...or probably nothing compared to what I will see).   It is amazing to be able to help other people and I am glad I have chosen a career that will allow me to do that.  I have always found the human body so fascinating and have wanted to work in a hospital since I was young. I love the  environment of a big, busy hospital with employees rushing around  doing their different jobs, all of which are working together towards the same goal- improving someones quality of life.  And that is what Nursing is all about.

I learned two things today in clinical that I think are worth writing about- 
1. I gave my first shots EVER!  3 of them total.  One day I will look back and not even remember what it's like to be nervous to stick someone with a needle. 
2. I watched a Cardiac Catheter insertion of some sort.  I cant remember the full technical name of the procedure but it was awesome to watch. Every time I am in that environment it makes me want to specialize and work in the surgery center. 

For now... my biggest challenge has been learning to live on less sleep.  I woke up today in a panic because I had a dream I forgot to document something on my patients chart.  Oh how life after college has changed... :)

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